taking the gimmick out of wine clubs...

We are excited to announce the launch of our new no-gimmick wine clubs.  Rather than focus on slick marketing, we decided to focus on the wine instead.

First of all, why join our wine club?  Simple:  Because nobody is more intimately familiar with these wines and the people that make them, nobody tastes more of them and nobody carries and stocks as many of them as we do.  Our relationships with many wineries go back almost 30 years and because of that, we get a lot of wines that others simply can’t get.

We believe that wine-clubs should above all be easy to use and provide mainly one thing:  Great wine without you having to think about ordering it.  So instead of all kinds of fluff that ends up inflating the price (like t-shirts, recipes, or vineyard tours that you would have to fly in for), we are going to concentrate on one thing only:  Finding you the best wines that money can buy.  Of course you will also get tasting notes, the reason we picked them and, when available, tech sheets.

Our wine club shipments consist of two bottles per month.  There are two ‘flavors’ (please note the drop-down box on the order screen), either all Oregon Pinot Noir or a broader Northwest version, which will include a lot of Oregon Pinots, but also other reds from Oregon and Washington and occasionally some white wines.  The average price will be $50.- per month (never exceeding $60.-) plus shipping, currently between $13.- and $20.- for UPS Ground, depending on your location. 

We also started a Founder’s Club.  These wines are extraordinary Northwest wines.  Some rare, hard-to-get releases, some library wines, some allocated wines, etc.  Occasionally there will be large-format bottles.  The average monthly price for the Founder’s Club is $120.-  (never exceeding $160.-) plus shipping.  Usually two bottles, and usually red, but sometimes one very special bottle and rarely a white.  The Founder’s Club also comes with a special perk:  We will extend our 10% case discount to all of your orders, regardless of quantity.  Because many of these wines are so limited, there are only 24 spots available.  When they fill up, we will take names for a waiting list and contact you when there is an opening. 

If you have any questions about the clubs, please feel free to email Scott or call us directly at 1-800 OR WINES.  I hope you are as excited about these clubs as I am and I look forward to welcoming you to the club.


The Staff of Oregon Wine Merchants

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